5 (Vegan) Travel Essentials


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As a kid I used to feel a huge sense of delight opening up those little packets of hotel soap, so much so that I'd call dibs the instant the door was open. Alas, that pleasurable sensation is now lost to me—all to often I flip over for ingredients and am horrified. Now I pack my ten little liquids in my little baggy with the utmost care to make sure I'm not left without anything. After going through many other products, I recently picked up this (overpriced) zip-sac from Muji, which I really like. It's thick and sturdy, clear, and hasn't got one of those flimsy plastic zippers at the top. I pack it with a little Powersmile, and a variety of Aveda products. Bonus points: pack a B12 containing multivitamin in your pack—just make sure its in its original packaging!


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