Cinnamon Buns A Vegan Recipe

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Cinnamon Buns

This vegan cinnamon bun recipe uses everyday ingredients and can be prepared the night before.

Maybe it’s my prairie upbringing—but I have a little bit of a love affair with flour. From standing in fields of wheat and watching sun filter through golden sheaves, to running across rolled barrels of hay; I think about long summer days, never ending skies, and the yellow colours of Fall every time I run my fingers through the floury clouds of grain on my pastry board. Whether I’m turning out pizza, pastry, or bread, whether it’s buckwheat, spelt, or “white,” I always think about where flour comes from, and can barely choke down my anticipation.

When I close my eyes and think of home, this is what I smell: first flour, then yeast, and finally the sweet smells of sugar, and baking bread. Maybe, on a good day, this inner symphony is joined by gracenotes of cinnamon and vanilla. And mabye it’s because Cinnamon Rolls bring all of these great smells together that I love them so much. Long before I’d bit into a galette des rois, or had an affair with madelines, I gave my heart to a prairie classic, brought over from Northern Europe, and spread all across North America. Simple ingredients, and simple preparation—extraordinary results. Cinnamon Rolls made at home or from the county fair are nothing like their mall food-court or grocery-store brethren—biting into one should be all grain no chaff, all gold and no dross.

Which is why I was, perhaps, a little tough on BabyCakes’ Skinny-Bun in my review earlier this week. Cinnamon Buns are a little bit sacred to me—so much so that I was a little devastated as my own first efforts to come up with a perfect vegan version failed over a decade ago. Years of tinkering later, I’d like to think I cracked it. The key was actually always scaling back: taking away steps, not adding too many things—and most importantly, using quality ingredients. Make these with a fresh, local, organic flour, and they’ll transport you home.

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