Dosa King Bangkok Review

December 14th, 2011 § 7 comments § permalink

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Dosa King, Bangkok

153/7 Sukhumvit Road, SOI-11/1 (Near Nana Skytrain Station).

Bangkok Thailand

~$10 USD/person with drinks

Restaurant Type : Fine Dining | Casual
Diamonds : ♦♦♦♦♦♦

We debate taking a taxi. But then we remember that we’re in Bangkok, home to the world’s worst traffic. We’re in one of the many tiny little enclaves (sois) that are practically culdesacs, perpendicular to the main street. There are businesses all around us—but none of them is the one we’re looking for. It’s over 30ºC and we’re fainting hot and famished—but we persevere. We pass by countless tailors and a riotously garish fabric shop, walk over the blankets of street sellers hawking suspenders, ceramics, handkerchiefs and DVDs, are tempted by food stalls with smoking woks or heaps of pad thai.

We’re so hungy by the time that we arrive at Dosa King that we want to drink the chutney on the table, and start spooning up the pickle with our fingers. I imagine my fingers coated in oil and mustard seeds, skin burning from capsic acid, and it’s not a nightmare but a fantasy. Continue reading “Dosa King Bangkok Review” »


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