5 Things I’ve Had Confiscated at the Border

December 5th, 2011 § 27 comments § permalink

Maybe it’s because when I first started travelling I had a tendency to wear cordoury bell-bottoms, and vintage flowered shirts—but I used to have a hell of a time crossing borders (alright, it was definitely the groovy get-ups). After grueling interrogations, and all too often being ‘randomly selected’ for additional search, I finally learned to leave the outlandish outfits in the suitcase. But it left me with a bit of paranoia—I’m now very careful about what I bring across country lines. Here are five things I’ve had, or almost had, confiscated—crossing borders.

1) Vitamins
Never bring loose vitamins or medication with you, particularly to countries known for drug trade, or where control on drugs is extremely tight. I used to take all my vitamins and put them in those little day-of-the-week pill minders, being sure to have all my B12 dosed out. Alas, it can be hard to convince a border control agent that those little white unlabelled pills aren’t ecstasy, and I lost my B12 stash in South Asia; after being subjected to a physical search I wont soon forget (seriously, I’m still blushing).

This one is pretty easily avoided by bringing vitamins in their original packaging. Just keep in mind that many countries still rely on manual search, and your stash may be opened, hand inspected, or still refused entry. Continue reading “5 Things I’ve Had Confiscated at the Border” »


Fairmont Lifestyles Menu Mini-Review

October 7th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink


Fairmont’s new Lifestyles Menu makes it easier for vegans across North America to eat at Fairmont Hotels—and the food isn’t bad either.

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