Edible Flours Vancouver


Edible Flours, Vancouver, Canada

2280 West Broadway


~$5 USD/person for a couple of snacks

Restaurant Type : Fine Dining | Casual
Diamonds : ♦♦♦♦♦♦ (1/6)

When I heard that Edible Flours was opening, I was ecstatic.

I’d tried some ‘rice krispie treats’ from one of their Vancouver Farmer’s Market stalls way back in the day, and while I’d thought the prices they were charging were a bit dear, they were also quite tasty. The proprietors seemed friendly and engaged, the packaging was (and still is) simple but pretty, and at the time there was a real dearth of vegan baking in Vancouver.

And I love to bake, but sometimes I find my sweet tooth hard to keep up with.

Unfortunately, the whole experience is a bit of a let down. It was barely worth words, and it’s the kind of thing that makes me wonder if I should say anything at all.

But I will, not because I think anyone should care about my opinion, but because I guess, somewhere deep down, I have a deep-seated fear that people will start to associate vegan baking with the type of product that Edible Flours turns out: it’s just so mediocre. Cupcakes are bland, lumpen, and sweet. Cinnamon rolls are sugar sweetness set against cardboard. And the savoury offerings are even worse, my croissant is raw under the crust, and whats been billed as a cheesy filling is waxen and awful. Flavours, where present at all, are imbalanced, and nothing has the right texture, the snap of a good shortcrust, the flakiness of puff pastry or the crumb of perfectly baked, moist and delicious cake.

I feel like places like this continue to exist because people are so willing to compromise, and also because people set their expectations for vegan, and gluten free, and organic pastry so low.

But the truth is, that vegan pastry is possible. Many of the techniques used in a French pâtisserie are fully transferable to vegan, and even gluten free, or low sugar ingredients. And of course, the French don’t have a monopoly on pastry—what I am trying to point out is that baking, and pastry, are crafts, and there is a world of information out there. I just want Edible Flours to be better.

In the meantime, try Fairy Cakes which is alright, or hit the kitchen yourself (My Sweet Vegan, might be a good place to start).


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