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On the coast of peninsular Malaysia, at the site of an old British colony, downtown Penang Malaysia is pepperred with vegan and vegetarian restaurants. They serve up simple fare off of bare-bones buffets. Spring rolls with taro, fried rice with curry so particularly delicious it's known worldwide as Penang Curry, and mains ranging from tofu to mock meats. Up and down the streets are vegetarian restaurants, each serving up it's own iteration of Penang Lahksa, and the largest mall in the region has a fine dining vegetarian restaurant front and centre.

Food Highlight: picking your favourite bowl of laksa from all the veg restaurants, mine has wheat noodles and mint leaves.

My Secret Favourite Thing: Walking through the crazy tapestry of decrepit, ruined buildings; mosques; outdoor malls; old forts; and graceful Chinese mansions—like the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion.


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