Travelling Vegan/Vegetarian In China


The Great Mosque

This article starts off with context and goes on to provide several resources. To jump direct to the resources, click here.

There is a saying that’s popular in our home: Travel for knowledge, even all the way to China. It’s an old, old, saying, a hadith that has it’s roots in a time when Xī’ān was home to one of the world’s greatest Islamic universities. I think it’s still just as relevant today as it was hundreds and hundreds of years ago, speaking not only to the distance and exoticism of the world’s oldest empire and the challenge that it poses to the traveller; but also to the potential reward.

China. 中国

From the Daoist philosophers and poets, from literati art to the revolutions, it has a special place in my heart, and in my cultural landscape. When I had the opportunity to spend a few months there, I jumped at the chance.

It was one of the best experiences of my life, from standing on the Great Wall like every other tourist, to navigating my way to obscure archaeological sights.

Seeing intricate bronzework and some of the earliest script helped deconstruct the Eurocentric bias of my upbrining—I felt a thrilling vertigo as I reoriented myself to the world.

It was also some of the best eating I’ve ever done. Street hawker noodles, trendy hot-pot spots, ornate tea houses, and beautiful formal restaurants—the food I ate there creeps into my dreams, and has trickled slowly into my kitchen. I plan on sharing some of these experiences here over the coming months. But I wanted to start with some thoughts on traveling vegan in China. Let me start by rephrasing that old adage:

The vegan food in China is well worth travelling for.

Yet a few weeks ago I was surprised to meet a vegetarian that had travelled to China—and been sorely disappointed. I don’t want that to happen to you.

There are any number of opinions and voices out there on travelling through China as a vegetarian, and while all have the best intentions, I think that many of them are misinformed. I’m certainly not the ultimate expert, but here are my own thoughts on the topic.

There are a few common myths about vegetarianism in China that I’d like to get out of the way, but first, there is something I should cop to.

I speak a little Mandarin. I was one of the world’s worst Chinese students at more than one university.

If you asked me a question in Mandarin today, I would surely draw a blank. I just tried to handwrite a little HanZi and got lost at ”I“. But with a few hours of review before a trip, I have enough to ask for directions, talk about the weather, and make an ass out of myself.

Putting your foot in your mouth is not hard to do in a tonal language that loves the pun so much they’ve elevated it to a high art! If you’re new to the language, never ask for a big deal (rhymes with feces), or compliment anyone’s eyeglasses (sounds like penis).

But—if you’re traveling to China—I honestly encourage you to learn a little Mandarin. It’s not impossible to travel without it, and its even possible to point, show, and pantomime your way to vegan meals almost anywhere in China—but just the smallest amount of familiarity with the language will take you so incredibly far.

At first glance, the language seems inscrutable—and I won’t lie—getting the characters down is a nightmare at first, totally different from alphabetic languages. But that part isn’t so necessary.

The pronunciation—it’s a bit tricky, but people are both pretty patient, and pretty good at making sense of your nonsense. In this article, I’ve provided the Mandarin  pronounciations for Chinese characters transcribed in the Pinyin system. Check the bottome for more info.

And the grammar? The grammar is dead logic, and dead simple.

My recommendation: go online to Craigslist, or whatever classified site you like—or stick up a note at your local university—and hire a tutor for a few hours. Four hours in two sessions with a tutor going over vegetarian appropriate phrases in Mandarin with a tutor will change your life, or at least your trip.

It might seem like a lot of a commitment, but stack it up against how much time and effort you’ll spend just getting there, and it will likely put it in perspective. It may even whet your appetite to delve more deeply into the culture.

A bit of language skill will help. But the most important things are to be patient and keep in mind your context.

Let’s adress the myths I mentioned to start off that context.

There’s a sort of idea out there that because there are so many Buddhists in China, once you get there you’ll be on the miso-gravy-train. There’s some truth to this—there are certainly millions of Buddhists in China, and many of the best vegan restaurants are Buddhist establishments, but there are a variety of local and historical forces that prevent this from being a truism.

The first thing to realize is that many Buddhists are not vegetarian, and even fewer of them are vegan. This isn’t a reflection of a lack of commitment to their spiritual practice—in fact, the prohibitions against eating meat are complicated and it’s not a straightforward rule, or even a rule at all. There are as many flavours of Buddhism as there are of Christianity. Even as most of the world’s major religions offer some encouragement to adopt some form of vegetarian lifestyle or restricted diet, this clearly hasn’t spurred a universal adoption amongst followers worldwide. Maybe this is obvious, but I bring this up because I have encountered more than one disillusioned or disgruntled vegan in China railing on about how the locals just don’t care. That sort of thinking is juvenile and prejudicial.

There are important and powerful social forces to consider. Regardless of your opinion on the political revolution that has unfolded in China’s last century, it has had a large impact on the practice of religion in China, and in the lifestyle choices of the contemporary populace.

We are all aware, I think, that being vegetarian is a political act. Even as in Japanese history there was a time when people ate meat in secret, China has seen (recent) periods of secret vegans.

What this means is that saying you’re Buddhist, or on some weird religious diet is just as likely to elicit confusion and discomfort as easy eats. Besides, there are more traditions than just Buddhism which go along with vegan/vegetarian food in China, and many of these don’t exclude things like garlic.

Additionally, meat is both a newly available prestige food on the one hand—as beef and large portions were previously untold luxuries—and a ubiquitous one on the other in the form of a little bit of pork floss or animal fat in the wok.

While it’s a lie that every character in Chinese is a little picture story; there’s something to the fact that the character for pig, and the spoken word for pig, rhyme with home, or family.

Here’s the character (assuming you have Chinese fonts installed): 家

Its traditiona form is a picture of a cute piggy under a roof, pronounced Jiā. The work for pork is Jiā Ròu, which could be literally translated as home-meat.

At the same time other rarer types of meat have historically been extreme prestige items, or have particular roles in traditional medicine. These aren’t all of the ridiculous endangered species as impotence cure variety, but are often nutritionally accurate ways to remedy certain vitamin deficiencies. . . you or I might prefer to take a vegetarian alternative, but animal products are an integral part of Chinese Medicene.

I just want you to check any and all assumptions at the airport. Don’t unpack them until you get home.

Similarly, though we often tend to think of it as a homogenous, or even hegemonic entity, China is a hugely diverse country. This has real consequence for the vegetarian traveller.

In the first, there are countless dialects of Chinese, which are mutually incomprehensible, and while Mandarin, or more accurately PuTongHua, is the state standard, it isn’t spoken everywhere.

What this means is that the little snippets of speech you have memorized may not work everywhere.

Regardless of your level of language skill it’s helpful to have the stock phrases you’ll need written down in simplified characters. (See the footnotes for more information about simplified characters).

This diversity of language is mirrored by huge differences in culture. Even as it’s easier to eat vegan in Portland, Oregon than in the middle of the mid-west, there are vegetarian hotspots in every major Chinese city, and vegetarian dead-zones in some rural areas.

Often when we’re on the road we actually hold the rest of the world more accountable for this difference than we do at home.

It’s somehow an easy habit to slip into, and may rest upon assumptions that this or that country ought to be mostly vegetarian or on the fact that certain types of restaurants are easier to eat at at home.

But as you’re on the road I encourage you to look for a different set of parallels and use them to navigate your way to good vegan eats.

For example, chain restaurants are less likely to have vegan offerings than local establishments, and the international chains are largely the same as they are back home. No, you still can’t eat McDonald’s fries, or at KFC.

Similarly, small family restaurants may take a little time to understand what you want, but are quite likely to whip something up just for you.

All of these come into play in what I’m about to tell you. It’s a little frightening, but here it is:

There is no word for vegan in Chinese, or for vegetarian.


I don’t think that this should come as a surprise. It’s getting better all the time, but when I went “vegan” in the nineties, nobody in Canada knew what the hell I was talking about. Vegetarian was a little better—except for the fact that there is so little consensus as to what the term meant. It’s just as bad today. What’s the default? Does it include eggs and dairy? What about cheese made with rennet? What about my fish eating vegetarian friend? The queries are endless.

Now imagine going up to a fast-food counter in your local mall and saying, in broken English: I eat vegetables!

And then expecting the universe to magically fold up a vegan-burrito-with-no-cheese-or-sour-cream-and-could-you-check-on-the-tortilla-and-the-refried-beans-please?

Not bloody likely right?

Well, that’s sort of what your stuck with if you just do what the Lonely Planet tells you. The phrase we’ve got at our backs is: Wǒ chī sù. 我吃素

Breaking it down, Wǒ is the pronoun. It’s pronounced in the third tone, that is your voice would start up, then go down, then back up again, like it’s riding the diacritic. It’s pretty easy to get right, because it’s a common word, and people will generally rightly assume that you’re referring to yourself. It sounds just like you think it would: like whoa! but with a little less excitement.

If there’s more than one of you, it changes to WǒMen. A tiny bit tricker. Wǒ is still in the third tone, then “men” sort of just falls out of your mouth. It’s not accented, and you have to kind of rhyme men with bun.

Chī means to eat, and Chinese people talk about eating all the time. Literally, “你吃饭吗?” or, “Have you eaten?” is a common way for friends to greet one anothet—so, they’ll probably guess right that you’re in the food neighbourhood, especially if you’re at a restaurant. However, it’s not that life-force stuff that Bruce Lee talks about—that’s qi. The two are close together and it’s a common mispronunciation—one that makes sense in context, because qi is also the word for steam/steaming. Steamed vegetables anyone?

If we’re getting a little bit technical, and it seems like we are, the ch part is pronounced with a flat tongue, with the tip of your tongue up behind your gums. If your a language nerd like me, it’s a post-alveolar retroflex consonant. We use a similar sound to Chī when we say children, and one closer to qi when we say chin. Try saying chew with a flat tongue and your tongue stuck back a bit and you’ll get there.

The i is the second part of the sound. It’s halfway between uh and eee.

The most important part of saying this word correctly are to start with the flat-tongue, and to keep it in the first tone. That is, it shouldn’t wobble up or down as you say it, and should be in a  flat high register.

Let’s just link to Youtube shall we? Right, I couldn’t find a YouTube video, so I, uh, made one. It’s awful, but here it is:

Link to Youtube Video
Links to Youtube.


There is a lot of advice online to pronounce eat as cher. That can be useful, as long as you don’t pronounce it like Cher (the musician), or the beginning of cherry. I guess it’s fine. Be aware that this may confuse some native speakers, as it’s tacking on a heavy accent to your speech. The “R” sound at the end is a regional intonation, and the R sound in Chinese is a whole other kettle of fishiness—it’s quite close to L. No really.

The last word in our trio is sù. Sù is said in the fourth tone, and it sounds like “sue,” but it should fire down and out of your mouth. According to my teachers you have to “control the sound!”. It’s easily said. It’s harder understood.


You might have gotten the picture by now that Chinese is a language that hangs on syllables rather than words. And that’s the truth. There are homonyms in English, the “heres” “theres” and “fours” come to mind—but let’s take a quick look at this syllable su when it is pronounced in the fourth tone:

The most common use of the su sound is the character 速 or tell which means to tell, inform, complain, or appeal. There are also characters with the same sound and tone for respectful, solemn, quick, a night’s lodging, to go against the stream, model or mould, and millet.

The one meaning which we’re meaning to employ is only one of eight characters associated with the same sound: 素

It has a beautiful and esoteric meaning: the colour white, associated with lilies and lotus flowers, plain, simple, or quiet, the basic element of a thing, and: vegetable.

Our use of the word in this context hinges on thousands of years of Buddhist tradition. And a foreign Buddhist isn’t what most people expect to encounter, particularly one that is more strict about their diet than many of the Buddhists in their everyday experience.

That’s why you absolutely have to be specific. Wǒ chī sù is something a Buddhist might say to describe their diet, and certain restaurants advertise themselves as Sù or have special Sù menus—but it’s also something you might say if you wanted a plain every-day sort of meal. Something ubiquitous and sure not to upset the stomach—like steamed dumplings in a simple meat broth.

You’ve got to be smart about the context your in. There are places where people will twig on right away, but they are few and far between. Here’s the list of specifics I go through if I’m in an unfamiliar, or non vegetarian restaurant (for more information about tones represented by the diacritics, see article end):



Wǒ chī sù



I’m Vegetarian.

Wǒ shì yīgè sùshí zhě

(lit. I am vegetable eater)


substitute 我们 “Wo Men”for we if that’s your case.



Wǒ bù chī jiā ròu

I don’t eat pork.



Wǒ bù chī niú ròu

I don’t eat beef



Wǒ bù chī jī ròu

I don’t eat chicken



Wǒ bù chī jī dàn

I don’t eat eggs



Wǒ bù chī yú

I don’t eat fish



Wǒ bù chī nǎi lào

I don’t eat cheese



Wǒ bù hē niúnǎi

I don’t drink milk


I run them together in something that looks a little more like a sentence—but it’s not what I recommend. Say it all, or write it on a card and pass it to your server.

They might tell you, quite rightly, to take a hike. If that’s the case, there’s sure to be something unbelievable just around the corner. Or there are also emergency coping strategies you can employ:

A useful strategy is to ask them to bring you anything that is vegan. This works if your not fussed about specifics. Be prepared to give something unusual a shot, and to pick through what you wont eat, and you’ll be fine. In my experience, the opposite of the rude tourist syndrome is to worry too much about incivility—I found people all across China to be both friendly and laid-back. Picking at my food and just eating a little seemed to be pretty par for the course, and I don’t think I hurt anyone’s feelings, though I may have provided some people with some amusement!

Now that the words are out of the way, let’s get down to brass tacks.

There have been non-resident vegans travelling through China for decades. Take advantage of their experience and check out reviews on HappyCow and VegDining. But, take them all with a grain of salt—check opening times yourself, and be prepared for the fact that some might be closed or have moved, But try not to write off a particular restaurant as too expensive or out-of-the-way. Some of our best travel experiences have come from chasing vegan restaurants.

Because hours and addresses are often incorrect, even if they are provided—it’s good to have a back-up written down. Also, and I hate to say this—some restaurants will flat out refuse to serve non-Mandarin speakers.

A prime example of this is GongDeLin in Beijing, where I had to pass a brief language test at the door to get a table. Our server was apologetic and said that it was just because it was a busy night. It wasn’t the greates dining experience either, but the restaurant is one of the oldest vegetarian establishments in the world, and is widely recommended despite the fact that travellers are often flatly turned away.

It’s quite likely that you’ll eat out at some restaurants that aren’t exclusively vegetarian—when you do, try and make it easy on yourself and look for those where some staff speak English (not always possible). Good choices include hot-pot establishments which almost always have at least one vegan broth, and where you choose your own ingredients/add ins. Another trick is to pick places where they cook before your eyes—for example, open-air food stalls, or the guy selling roasted sweet potatoes from his bicycle. In Thailand, I had a friend that carried vegetarian fish sauce and soy sauce with them everywhere so she could eat Pad Thai as often as she wanted. Sheer genius.

Finally, take advantage of your hotel concierge. I’ve found that just asking them if they know of a good vegetarian restaurant and taking “no” for an answer isn’t always the best approach. I try to start a dialogue or ask open ended questions, like if any of their friends are vegetarian and where they eat, and what they order.

The key to eating vegan in China is to not be afraid to have a conversation, and to be ready to engage with the people around you.

This includes your travel companions.

The vegetarian I met with the most miserable China experience was travelling with a travelling companion who didn’t want to eat at vegetarian restaurants—at all.

Whether you’re going with a friend, or on a tour, or with your significant other, it’s important that you’re all willing to put the work in to see that you’re fed. And believe me—the vegetarian restaurants in China aren’t just some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the world, they are some of the world’s best restaurants. You wont be forcing your travelling partners to ‘give up’ anything.

There’s enough scope in vegan dining in China to make any foodie cry tears of hot ecstasy.

Finally, I have one word of caution. I’ll delve into this more deeply in future posts—but keep in mind that some of these places have extremely fancy food. Not only does this mean that you should dress appropriately—well, think about delicacies for a second—how many of us really want to eat caviar every night?

Many Chinese delicacies are acquired tastes, or have prestige due to their cachet as rare ingredients or medicinally powerful food—so please don’t just pick the most expensive thing on the menu. Or if you do, order some plain white rice as a backup! Take it from someone who’s shovelled down one too many plates of exotic fungus—order smart.

To sum up:


Try and learn a little Mandarin, even just the pronunciation of some key phrases.

There are some good Youtube videos, but better yet, try and hire a tutor or run lines with a native speaker before you go. The investment is worth the payback.


Bring a vegan passport, with vegetarian appropriate phrases written in simplified characters. Picture books are good too.


Realize that there is no word in Chinese for “vegan” or even “vegetarian.” Live with it, and be sure to be specific when you are ordering.


Insist on eating out at a few exclusively vegetarian restaurants. Those in China are some of the best in the world, and are absolutely worth whatever effort it takes to get there. I can promise that anyone with taste-buds will enjoy them and come away impressed.


Be patient and prepared. Bring some emergency food with you—clearly labelled food that does not contain seeds, or fresh vegetables, such as Clif Bars or sealed and individually packaged protein shakes.



What if you can’t find any vegan food out?

Bringing some food with you is fine, but we all know that shit happens, (like sceptical border guards insisting on opening up and ruining your pack noodles), and a pack of energy bars only goes so far.

Don’t be afraid to check out Chinese grocery stores. Even mid-sized towns tend to have a supermarket with food packaged with ingredient labels in Chinese and English. One of my favourite junk-foods in the world are the cakes of puffed rice or legumes dribbled with a little sugar-cane swirl. Chinese groceries also often have the world’s largest selection of nuts and seeds. I vividly remember a train ride eating pumpkin seads, cantelope, multigrain puffed cakes and iced green tea (as well as a couple of bottles of beer), while terraced rice fields rolled by.

Other things to check out: ramen packets, miso-soups, natto, saltines, bread, beans and nut-butters. Read ingredients carefully, but since many of these are produced in packaging suitable for export, English ingredients are usually to be found somewhere on the box.

Things to watch out for include soy-milk, which often has regular milk added to it. I’m not the vegan police—but if like me you are lactose intolerant, it’s sort of a slap in the gut to drink it by accident. It’s generally listed on the ingredients. The character for cow milk most commonly used is 牛奶。

A final word: Remember to watch your nutrition. I’ve never been faced with the tough choice between my morality and fainting from hunger, but I know which I’d choose. Years ago when I first started to travel, I decided on a few things I’d allow myself to eat anywhere in the world such as: bread, white rice and peanut butter. Consider what your own comfort zone includes and stay healthy!


Some Additional Resources:

This Wikipedia page is actually pretty great and sheds some light on Buddhist diets. Notice in particular the ideas about “Triply Pure Meat,” as well as certain traditions around avoiding root vegetables and the Five Acrid And Strong Smelling Vegetables.”


An absolutely fantastic website—I wish it had been around the first time I went to China:


An interesting blog by another Canadian vegan from her time travelling in Beijing. Her experience and perspective is different from mine I suppose—in particular I think she’s a little harsh on one of my favourite restaurants—and I truly didn’t find eating vegan in China difficult, whereas her trip got off to a rought start . . . But it’s also probably a good counter to my fairy-tale view of the world


The classic vegan passport:

To be honest, I’m uncomfortable travelling with this document. Maybe it’s the overly ‘polite’ (read uptight) way I was brought up, but when I’m in another country while I don’t suspend my own morality, I try to maintain some sense of cultural relativity. A couple of the sentences included often just start arguments or hurt feelings—but it’s unquestionably genius, useful, and a bit of activism that is sometimes wholly appropriate. I’m thinking about posting my own tattered, hand cobbled, vegan phrasebook up here, and will likely do so soon, but don’t expect too many languages!


A few more vegan phrases:


Wǒ tài è le

(I am very hungry)



Dàn wǒ bù chī shènzhì yīdiǎn ròu. Wǒ yě bù hē niúnǎi.

(but I don’t eat even a little meat. I also don’t drink milk)



Qǐng gěi wǒ liǎng gè zhǔ cài

Please bring me two main dishes.





Qǐng gěi wǒ sì gè zhǔ cài

Please bring me four main dishes.


只要没有肉, 都可以

Zhǐyào méiyǒu ròu, dōu kěyǐ

If there’s no meat, it’s all good!



Zhège cài yǒu méiyǒu ròu?

Does this dish have meat?



yǒu ròu

has meat



Méiyǒu ròu

no meat


Emergency reqs:



Lái mǐfàn.

Lit. Bring rice.





Qǐng nǐ gěi wǒ mǐfàn

Lit. Please you give me rice.



There are two common systems of Chinese writing, traditional, and simplified characters.


In my experience, simplified characters are to be preferred over traditional as the younger generation of Chinese on the mainland doesn’t always recognize traditional versions even of relatively common words, where simplified characters mimic already common handwriting shortcuts and can generally be read easily by the older generation. An important exception to this is Taiwan, and other places where traditional characters are to be preferred for political, or practical reasons, such as expatriate communities in the United States.


Mandarin, actually called PǔTōngHuà (lit. common people’s language) is the official language of China though it’s not spoken everywhere.


All Chinese text in this article is transcribed in Pinyin orthography. This is the best Pinyin syllabury I’ve found online:


Pinyin is a system used to depict Chinese pronunciation in the Roman alphabet. Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page on the topic:


Pronounciation isn’t too terrible. . . well, it’s difficult, but I doubt I can get you much further over the internet than your first guestimate would lead you, so I’ll leave the lessons to the experts. See just below for some links to MIT’s Open Course Ware.


If you don’t feel like clicking, the most important part is the diacritic marks (little scribbles) I’ve made above the words I’ve transcribed.

The marks indicate the tone, or pitch, each word should have when pronounced.


The straight line, like in yī, is the first tone. It’s said in a high flat register.

The upward stroke, like in shí, is the second tone. Your voice climbs up.

The up and down line, like in Wǒ, is the third tone. Your voice goes down, and up.

The downward line, like in sù, is the fourth tone. Your voice goes down, and the sounds tend to be terse.

If there is no mark, it’s unnaccented. You pretty much let the word fall out of your mouth wherever it naturally goes.

Here’s a good YouTube video:


And here’s an entire free Mandarin course:

A pdf on Pinyin specifically:

Sounds and symbols: An overview of pinyin – MIT OpenCourseWare


Problems Displaying the Chinese Text? Here’s the language support page from Wikipedia, which provides help for multiple platforms:


Please be aware that your browser will automatically select a font capable of displaying Chinese text, which may result in character substitution, particularly in the case of sù (素) which may show up with it’s Kanji (Japanese writing) equivalent. They are generally mutually intelligible, but for reference, here is the HanZi (Chinese writing) sù character in jpeg form:



This guide is designed to help visitors to Mainland China find vegan eats. It provides a little bit of background, and what I hope are some useful insights. To go along with it, there are also several resources available for download, a one-sheet phrasebook in pdf form, and several jpegs. They are indexed here:


Questions? Opinions? Arguments? Please drop me a line.



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    • It’s so difficult to find “fresh eyes” when we’ve been taking photos of the same stuff for a long time — but you’ve done it here. I was so intoxicated by city sights when we moved here, and yet that vision has already faded. Now it takes a conscious movement of the heart and mind to go out with the camera and really see. What we need, I think, is change every now and then, and the desire to show others what’s we see, what moves us…

    • Arrête de prendre les lecteurs du Monde pour des niais.J’ai travaillé en Allemagne, beaucoup d’autres lecteurs aussi, et le taux de prélèvements était le même qu’en France.En revanche, l’État allemand fait mieux pour le même prix : un administration qui ne tente pas de couillonner le client et qui est compétente, des diplômés connaissant le métier, des autoroutes gratuites, des bibliothèques, terrains de sport, de jeux…

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  • I am awfully greedy; I want everything from life. I want to be a woman and to be a man, to have many friends and to have loneliness, to work much and write good books, to travel and enjoy myself, to be selfish and to be unselfish… You see, it is difficult to get all which I want. And then when I do not succeed I get mad with anger.

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  • There's something in the act of setting out that renews me, that fills me with a feeling of possibility. On the road, I'm forced to rely on instinct and intuition, on the kindness of strangers, in ways that illuminate who I am, ways that shed light on my motivations, my fears.

  • Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you've never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.

  • To me, travel is more valuable than any stupid piece of bling money can buy.

  • When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.”

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  • My restlessness makes me a far better day-to-day traveler than he will ever be. I am infinitely curious and almost infinitely patient with mishaps, discomforts, and minor disasters. So I can go anywhere on the planet—that’s not a problem. The problem is that I just can’t live anywhere on the planet.

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  • It depends on where you go. If you go to the high mountains like Inner Mongolia, you'd have a tough time. On the flip side, many poor rural areas you can't survive if you are NOT a vegetarian. All you got is rice and vegetables in some places.

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